Position-Based Navigation Using Multiple Homographies

Montijano, Eduardo ; Sagüés Blázquiz, Carlos

15 October 2008

Abstract: In this paper we address the problem of visual navigation of a mobile robot which simultaneously obtains metric localization and scene reconstruction using homographies. Initially, the robot is guided by a human and some scenes during the trip are stored from known reference locations. The interest of this paper consist in the possibility of getting real and precise data of the robot motion and the scene, which presents some advantages over other existing approaches. For example, it allows the robot to carry out other trajectories than the executed during the teaching phase. We show an extensive analysis of the output in presence of errors in some of the inputs.

Keyword(s): robotics ; image reconstruction ; mobile robots ; motion estimation ; path planning ; position control ; robot visionhomography ; metric localization ; position-based navigation ; robot motion ; scene reconstruction ; visual navigation
Note: homography visual navigation motion estimation reactive navigation metric reconstruction.

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