Locating Users to Develop Location-Based Services in Wireless Local Area Networks

Royo, José Alberto ; Mena Nieto, Eduardo ; Gallego, Luis Carlos

01 September 2005

Abstract: Nowadays the proliferation of mobile computing devices and local-area wireless networks has fostered a growing interest in location aware systems and services. The challenges of theses services are: 1) to discover the location of the user (or his device), 2) to minimize the network connections, due to the high communication cost, 3) to deal with continuous change of location, 4) to consider network disconnections, and 5) to adjust its behavior to low bandwidth networks. In this paper we describe an infrastructure that allows the development of location dependent data services in wireless local area networks. To show its feasibility, a user locator service and a mobile music application have been implemented as sample location base services.

Keyword(s): Wireless networks ; Context-awareness ; Mobile computing ; Mobile and multiagent systems ; Distributed Information Systems (SID)

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