Adaptive User Interfaces Based on Mobile Agents: Monitoring the Behavior of Users in a Wireless Environment

Mitrovic, Nikola ; Royo, José Alberto ; Mena Nieto, Eduardo

01 September 2005

Abstract: Adapting user interfaces to meet users' context and preferences is one of the mos challenging questions of mobile computing. In the mobile world, every application must be aware of the different user devices, application platforms and contexts where it should execute; the alternative is reimplementing the same user interface to meet different device capabilities. This paper presents a proposal based on mobile agents that transparently adapts user interfaces to the corresponding device capabilities and monitors the user behavior using an indirect user interface generation mechanism. User behavior patterns are used to predict users' next most probable action. We apply this approach to a software retrieval service to show is feasibility.

Keyword(s): adaptive user interfaces ; mobile computing ; mobile agents and multiagent systems ; Distributed Information Systems (SID)

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