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000001998 037__ $$aINPRO--2009-036
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000001998 100__ $$aMitrovic, Nikola
000001998 245__ $$aAdaptive User Interface for Mobile Devices
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000001998 520__ $$aAdapting a graphical user interface (GUI) to a variety of resources with different capabilities is one of the most interesting questions of today's mobile computation. The GUI constructed for one application should be usable on different interactive devices, e.g. WebTV terminals, WAP phones or Java-enabled devices. In this paper, we discuss existing solutions and present a solution based on mobile agents. Mobile agents construct their GUI using third-party eXtensible User interface Language (XUL), jXUL middleware and XSL transformations. Mobile agents move to host computers and then build their GUI, or act as a proxy to devices without sufficient processing capabilities (e.g., WAP devices). The result is an adaptable GUI platform that can be run on multiple devices without modifications, supporting different resources and architectures. We show the application of this approach by implementing a mobile currency converter and survey.
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000001998 6531_ $$aadaptive user interfaces
000001998 6531_ $$amobile agents
000001998 6531_ $$aagents
000001998 6531_ $$amulti-agent systems
000001998 6531_ $$aintelligent user interfaces
000001998 6531_ $$aADUS
000001998 6531_ $$aXUL
000001998 6531_ $$aDistributed Information Systems (SID)
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