Linkterature: From Word to Web. Or: Literature in the Internet - Internet as Literature - Literature as Internet - Internet in Literature

García Landa, José Ángel

27 October 2005

Abstract: This paper offers a perspective on the Internet and literature interface, with a special focus on the issue of intertextuality, in an attempt to delimit those issues specific to networked literature, as against digital or hypertextual literature. I will focus on literature as a family of medium-conditioned discursive practices, and examine the consequences of digital networks for a redefinition of these practices. These consequences will be approached from four jviewpoints: a perspective on the Internet as literature, and of literature as an Internet: together with an examination of literature in the Internet, and of the Internet in literature. Among the topics addressed will be issues of interactivity, the blogosphere, postmodernist fiction, and the cyborganization of social communication.

Keyword(s): internet ; literatura ; enlaces ; hipertexto ; intertextualidad ; blogs ; redes
Note: Conferencia plenaria en la International Conference on Internet and Language ICIL'05. Castellón de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I, 27 Oct. 2005. Una versión abreviada se publicó en el libro "The Texture of Internet: Netlinguistics in Progress." Ed. Santiago Posteguillo, María José Esteve and M. Lluïsa Gea-Valor. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. 143-61.

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