author        = "Martínez Caballo, Alejandro and Pradas de la Fuente,
      title         = "{El Currículum de Educación Física en Educación
                       Primaria : Análisis del modelo educativo en Inglaterra}",
      year          = "2014",
      note          = "This final assignment displays a research about the
                       Physical Education curriculum in England. We have started
                       with a description of this English Education model and then
                       we continued with a comparative between this English
                       Education model and the Spanish one. Physics has been the
                       subject chosen to face this investigation. The Curriculum
                       has been analysed focusing in the relevance of the subject
                       in each country, talking about their aims, objectives and
                       evaluation goals which appears in their curriculum, ending
                       with the different teaching styles that each country
                       proposes. First of all, we have started with the
                       legislative evolution of the Physical Education curriculum,
                       secondly it has been deeply studied, describing the main
                       Primary Physical Education characteristics. The Physical
                       Education model in Spain has been used as an example.
                       Through this research we have been able to see that there
                       are some similarities like the theoretical and practical
                       way to apply the different teaching styles, and some other
                       differences as well, like the number of Physical Education
                       weekly hours, or the big differences in the approach of the
                       aims, objectives and evaluation goals in each Physical