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000031177 24500 $$aThe failure of The Games: An analysis of Point of view in The Hunger Games.
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000031177 520__ $$aThe aim of this essay is to analyze how point of view and focalization, in combination with editing, mise-en-scene and sound, provides a specific perspective on the process of revolution depicted in the The Hunger Games conveying certain meanings about the main themes of the movie, namely, social class division, which is connected with human rights and equality among citizens; revolution, that is, the power struggle against people and the power of mass media to manipulate people. The essay will be divided into three parts: methodology, which explains the different resources and theoretical tools used during the writing process; the analysis of six representative scenes in the movie, which exemplify the aforementioned topics; and a final conclusion. The analysis has been divided into six scenes that take the spectator through the process from social discontent until the revolution, following the steps of the main character, Katniss Everdeen.  Therefore, internal focalization is combined with a specific use of mise-en-scene, sound an editing to increase the spectator’s identification with the main character, and to convey the unlikely process through which a frightened young girl becomes the leader of a revolution.
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