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000031205 24500 $$aPress and Politics by the Hand: the Manipulation of the British Press in the Scottish Road to Independence
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000031205 520__ $$aThe research project that I present below aims to show a comparative analysis of seven British newspapers in order to determine what was the position of the press regarding the Scottish Referendum held on 18 September 2014. For this purpose, first I will proffer a review of the history of Scotland, from its beginnings as an independent kingdom until its settlement as a nation of the United Kingdom, to try to understand what the causes of the referendum might be. Then, I will make an introduction about the current political situation of Scotland and in relation to the press. To continue, I will provide a general explanation on the power of suggestion of the media that will lead me to a comparative analysis of a personal selection of headlines and articles from seven British newspapers. Finally, my essay will offer a very brief comment on the impact and meaning of the referendum to eventually conclude with the idea that, although the vast majority of newspapers preferred the union, I found it difficult to determine to what extent they sought to manipulate or rather just to inform due to their use of a very detached and indirect tone in their publications.
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