Nursing protocol for early detection and preventive isolation of transmissible diseases in ICU

Malavila Martínez, Alex
Moreno Aznar, Luis Alberto (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, EUCS, 2015
Fisiatría y Enfermería department, Enfermería area

Graduado en Enfermería

Abstract: INTRODUCTION Isolation precautions are all the techniques and health care given to the infected patient and all the elements around him, as to protect him and nearby people from hospital infections. This protocol has been elaborated with the intention of proportioning a quick, basic help while choosing isolation measures in an ICU. OBJECTIVE The main objective, has been making a nursing isolation protocol for an Intensive Care Unit, that provides the basic information to quickly and efficiently select and put into practice the adequate, necessary isolation measures in the presence of an infectious disease, and as to prevent its contagion to the staff and to the rest of the patients. METHODS In the elaboration of this project, it has been conducted a bibliographic review with different search tools. The most relevant articles and Nursing Clinical Guidelines, as well as different specific isolation protocols, have been selected and used in the elaboration of this project. CONCLUSIONS Following the guidelines of this protocol, it is possible an early detection of patients infected with transmissible diseases based on their symptomatology, allowing to set up the adequate isolation measures for its transmission mechanism, avoiding this way the diseases’ dissemination and decreasing its morbimortality and possible side effects. KEY WORDS Nosocomial infection, transmissible disease, Intensive Care Unit, Isolation Protocol

Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Grado
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