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000032160 100__ $$0(orcid)0000-0002-4367-3729$$aLladó-Paris, J.$$uUniversidad de Zaragoza
000032160 245__ $$aAcoustic analysis of the drainage cycle in a washing machine
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000032160 5203_ $$aWashing machine manufacturers are working towards producing quieter appliances as many people consider noise emission a key factor when buying. Although the spinning cycle is the noisiest, the amount of noise the pump makes is the cause for many users’ complaints. In an attempt to reduce the noise emitted when a washing machine is pumping out, an experimental study was performed. First, the measurement of the sound pressure allowed us to identify the main sources of noise as the electric motor and the vibration of the cabinet. Next, a detailed analysis based on the measurement of the vibration of the cabinet provided information about the predominant radiating panels. It was also inferred that the electromagnetic noise is drowned out by the structure-borne noise. Finally, several proposals to diminish the sound power were analyzed, and a reduction of 3 dBA was achieved by decreasing the contact zone of the pump with the kick plate.
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000032160 773__ $$g82, 190 (2015), 121-127$$pDYNA (Medellin)$$tDyna-Colombia$$x0012-7353
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