Blindness and glaucoma: A multicenter data review from 7 academic eye clinics
Resumen: Purpose To evaluate frequency, conversion rate, and risk factors for blindness in glaucoma patients treated in European Universities. Methods This multicenter retrospective study included 2402 consecutive patients with glaucoma in at least one eye. Medical charts were inspected and patients were divided into those blind and the remainder (''controls''). Blindness was defined as visual acuity-0.05 and/or visual field loss to less than 10°. Results Unilateral and bilateral blindness were respectively 11.0% and 1.6%at the beginning, and 15.5%and 3.6% at the end of the observation period (7.5±5.5 years, range:1-25 years)//conversion to blindness (at least unilateral) was 1.1%/year. 134 eyes (97 patients) developed blindness by POAG during the study. At the first access to study centre, they had mean deviation (MD) of -17.1±8.3 dB and treated intraocular pressure (IOP) of 17.1±6.6 mmHg. During follow-up the IOP decreased by 14%in these eyes but MD deteriorated by 1.1±3.5 dB/year, which was 5-fold higher than controls (0.2±1.6 dB/year). In a multivariate model, the best predictors for blindness by glaucoma were initial MD (p<0.001), initial IOP (p<0.001), older age at the beginning of follow-up (p<0.001), whereas final IOP was found to be protective (p<0.05). Conclusions In this series of patients, blindness occurred in about 20%. Blindness by glaucoma had 2 characteristics: late diagnosis and/or late referral, and progression of the disease despite in most cases IOP was within the range of normality and target IOP was achieved//it could be predicted by high initial MD, high initial IOP, and old age.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0136632
Año: 2015
Publicado en: PloS one 10, 8 (2015), 0136632 [12 p.]
ISSN: 1932-6203

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