Fundamental properties of nanostructured materials - [69130]

Curso: 2013-2014

Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Titulación: Máster Universitario en Erasmus Mundus en Ingeniería de Membranas

Idioma: Español

Profesor(es): Giménez Soro, Raquel ; Gascón Sabaté, Ignacio ; Cea Mingueza, Pilar ; Martínez Júlvez, Marta María ; Pina Iritia, María Pilar ; Oriol Langa, Luis Teodoro ; Ros Latienda, María Blanca ; Monzón Bescós, Antonio ; Gómez-Moreno Calera, Carlos ; Ibarra García, Manuel Ricardo ; Hueso Martos, José Luis ; Goya Rossetti, Gerardo Fabián ; Grazú Bonavia, María Valeria ; Lucas del Pozo, Irene

Resumen: A brief introduction to the subject     On atomic- and molecular-scale - known as nanoscale - there is a convergence between Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Science of Materials, Engineering and Bioengineering towards the same theoretical principles and experimental techniques. This first module covers the basic concepts of these disciplines so that students understand and take in the more advanced information to be studied in later modules.   A brief description of the contents of this subject includes:   Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Nanomaterials vs. macroscopic materials. Introduction to Supramolecular Chemistry. Structure and properties of nanoscopic organic molecules (nanotubes, fullerenes, dendrimers, block co-polymers, etc.) Surface Physical Chemistry. Colloids, surfactants, monolayers, micelles, vesicles, capsules. Nano-biomaterials. Bio-macromolecules. Optical, electric, magnetic and mechanical properties of nanomaterials. Nanotoxicology and eco-nanotoxicology.

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