Experimental Searches for the Axion and Axion-Like Particles
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Resumen: Four decades after its prediction, the axion remains the most compelling solution to the strong-CP problem and a well-motivated dark matter candidate, inspiring a host of elegant and ultrasensitive experiments based on axion-photon mixing. This article reviews the experimental situation on several fronts. The microwave cavity experiment is making excellent progress in the search for dark matter axions in the µeV range and may plausibly be extended up to 100 µeV. Within the past several years, however, researchers have realized that axions are pervasive throughout string theories, but with masses that fall naturally in the neV range, for which an NMR-based search is under development. Both searches for axions emitted from the Sun's burning core and purely laboratory experiments based on photon regeneration have recently made great progress, with ambitious projects proposed for the coming decade. Each of these campaigns has pushed the state of the art in technology, enabling large gains in sensitivity and mass reach. Furthermore, each modality has been exploited in order to search for more generalized axion-like particles, which we also discuss in this review. We are hopeful, even optimistic, that the next review of the subject will concern the discovery of the axion, its properties, and its exploitation as a probe of early universe cosmology and structure formation.
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DOI: 10.1146/annurev-nucl-102014-022120
Año: 2015
Publicado en: ANNUAL REVIEW OF NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE SCIENCE 65, 1 (2015), 485-514
ISSN: 0163-8998

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