Cuidados familiares prestados por los ancianos del ámbito rural a distintas generaciones
Resumen: Objectives: To describe the profile of caregivers higher in rural areas, to analyze sociodemographic differences in health and social relations between family caregivers and non-caregivers, and service needs unmet. Methodology: We surveyed 787 people over 64 noninstitutionalized belonging to the Basic Health Area of Zaragoza. Variables were collected through the questionnaire OARS-MAFQ (OARS): sociodemographic, need for services, assessment of social, economic and physical health. Other variables were: functional capacity for activities of daily living, basic and instrumental, body mass index and physical activity undertaken. Results: All caregivers of children/grandchildren were independent for activities of daily living, performed more physically active, had good physical and so perceived. Noncaregivers had the highest proportion of dependence and depression. The three groups had good social and economic resources, although significantly higher in those who care for children/grandchildren in which needs were perceived as more public transport and travel more. Non-caregivers reported more need for help with bathing, dressing, household chores and meal preparation. Caregivers of spouses/parents needed more treatment to personal or family problems. There was a great need for nursing care in the three groups. Conclusions: The profile, characteristics and needs of caregiver and no-caregiver were different, coinciding only in high need for nursing care.
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Año: 2015
Publicado en: Gerokomos 26, 2 (2015), 48-52
ISSN: 1134-928X

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