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000056697 100__ $$aGarcía-Izquierdo, A. L.
000056697 245__ $$ae-Recruitment, gender discrimination, and organizational results of listed companies on the Spanish Stock Exchange
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000056697 5203_ $$aThe recruitment process aims to request relevant information from applicants, but sometimes this could be used to discriminate. Based mainly on the legal framework and the Rational Bias, the present paper explores the use of potentially discriminatory content against women in Spanish companies according to the enforcement of the equal employment opportunity legislation in 2007, and its relationship with organizational results. We have performed a comparative study between 2005 and 2009 implementing a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. All the websites of the Spanish Stock Exchange were analyzed. Results show that companies did include potentially discriminatory questions in application forms, even after the law enforcement, but not in recruitment statements. Regarding organizational results, small but significant relationships between legal fulfillment and annual returns were found, but these results could have been influenced by factors attributable to the economic crisis. To conclude, we provide recommendations regarding desirable policies and organizational practices in the context of the area being studied.
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000056697 773__ $$g31 (2015), 155-164$$pRev. psicol. trab. organ. (1999)$$tJOURNAL OF WORK AND ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY-REVISTA DE PSICOLOGIA DEL TRABAJO Y DE LAS ORGANIZACIONES$$x1576-5962
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