Benthic diatoms on fluvial tufas of the Mesa River, Iberian Range, Spain
Resumen: Background. The Mesa River (MR) in the Iberian Range (Spain) displays prominent, Pleistocene to present-day fluvial tufa deposits. Little of their associated microbiota has been studied to date despite the regional and historical relevance of these calcareous buildups. Goals. This paper is a preliminary exploration of the diatom (Bacillariophyta) genera associated with actively-growing tufa from 10 benthic environments along 24 km of the Mesa River. Methods. Bright- field microscopy, as well as consultation with specialists and specialized literature was used for taxonomic classification of diatoms. Results. We identified 25 diatom genera in three different types of sedimentary facies (porous and moss-algae rich, dense-laminated, and tufa-free gravel). Most diatoms were raphid pennate (class Bacillariophyceae), while few were centric (class Coscinodiscophyceae) or araphid pennate (class Fragilariophyceae). They appeared as integral components of the tufa structure along with cyanobacteria and other algae and mosses. Conclusions. Together with previous studies on the hydrochemistry and sedimentology of the MR, our interpretations suggest that HCO3-, pCO2, Ca2+, and TDIC negatively affect diatom richness and that their abundance is positively related to the presence of mosses and algae.
Idioma: Inglés
Año: 2016
Publicado en: Hidrobiologica 26, 2 (2016), 281-295
ISSN: 0188-8897

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