author        = "Gijón Carretero, David Ismael and Vera Gil, Arturo",
      title         = "{Biomecánica del “Servicio” en el tenis (patología
                       asociada a esta fase deportiva)}",
      year          = "2016",
      note          = "The objective of this final degree project is revising the
                       valid literature about the associated pathology of the
                       “serve” in tennis as its clinic and treatment. For
                       that, the biomechanic is analyzed in this phase of the
                       match and a wide pathologic variety is examined by the
                       athletes who suffer from this. The structure who suffers
                       the hundreds of small trauma repeated during the exercises
                       is the shoulder, exactly, the called rotator cuff. This
                       structure is composed by the union of the tendons insertion
                       of the four muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres
                       minor and subscapularis on the humeral head. The injuries
                       frequency in tennis is 21.5 per 1000 sports exhibitions and
                       its diversity goes from cuff tendonitis, going through
                       syndrome of slipped disc or impingement, to partial or
                       totals breaks of the structure. The minor injuries such as
                       tendonitis, will take place in the younger tennis player
                       while inside the different tendons, the most affected will
                       be the supraspinatus and infraspinatous. With a conservator
                       treatment, the most will heal and the player will be able
                       to go back to the sports practice. On the other hand, the
                       partial or total tears will be reserved for the players
                       most veterans but, even though of the severity injurers,
                       the surgery treatment will be realized only in determinate