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000058538 245__ $$aKid-Shell: safety system protection for child passengers travelling on powered two-wheeled vehicles
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000058538 5203_ $$aThe KID-SHELL project aims to design and develop a protection system addressed to children who are travelling as PTW passengers, since motorcycles are by far the most dangerous means of transport. Moreover, children are especially vulnerable due to their instability on the motorbike and their physical weakness, reflexes and reaction to the accident. The European Commission is not aware of any specific national standard in the Member States, apart from requiring the use of helmets by motorcycle drivers and passengers.
The first stage of this project analyzed the principal characteristics of traffic accidents involving child motorcycle passengers and what injuries they suffer. Both urban and non-urban areas were considered, as well as the type of accident scenario, type of accident, actions of the passenger and injuries suffered by child PTW passengers. Also, the data gathered was not only by frequency, but also by severity. The study included statistics and data of motorcycle accidents in Barcelona and the problems specific to children as motorcycle passengers, including a study of how the different stages of child development affect an accident.
The aim of the second stage of the project was to define the design of the child protection system and develop an assessment protocol.
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