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000058639 24200 $$aStratigraphic characterisation of the sedimentary series in the Martín River valley (Ariño-Albalate area: causes of the palaeoenvironmental evolution during the Quaternary.
000058639 24500 $$aCaracterización estratigráfica de la serie sedimentaria del Valle del río Martín (área de Ariño-Albalate): causas de la evolución paleoambiental durante el Cuaternario
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000058639 520__ $$aThe middle course of the Martín River (a tributary of the Ebro River) is considered a very interesting area from a geological point of view and an important number of paleontological, mineralogical and sedimentological studies have been focused on it. In this work, the Quaternary deposits located in this part of the river between the towns of Ariño and Albalate del Arzobispo, have been analysed in detail in order to understand their sedimentary environment and their evolution. This study has compiled the necessary stratigraphic and cartographic information to establish the presence of two levels of terraces topographically located at a similar height over the current position of the river. The most important sedimentological facies associated to the studied deposits have been described and interpreted through the study of the stratigraphic profiles and the different laboratory analyses performed over the samples taken in the area. All this information has allowed to define four different stages in the valley evolution: two stages of deposit (fill in) and one of incision. The first filling in stage corresponds to the Upper Pleistocene; the second stage is associated to the Younger Dryas and represents the erosion of the previously deposited materials due to the fluvial incision; and the third stage, which would be related to the Holocen Climatic Optimum, corresponds to the second basin fill in. Finally another stage of incision over these deposits would be responsible for the present position of the Martín River.
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