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000060642 245__ $$aWearable Structured Light System in Non-Rigid Configuration
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000060642 5203_ $$aTraditionally, structured light methods have been studied in rigid configurations. In these configurations the position and orientation between the light emitter and the camera are fixed and known beforehand. In this paper we break with this rigidness and present a new structured light system in non-rigid configuration. This system is composed by a wearable standard perspective camera and a simple laser emitter. Our non-rigid configuration permits free motion of the light emitter with respect to the camera. The point-based pattern emitted by the laser permits us to easily establish correspondences between the image from the camera and a virtual one generated from the light emitter. Using these correspondences, our method computes rotation and translation up to scale of the planes of the scene where the point pattern is projected and reconstructs them. This constitutes a very useful tool for navigation applications in indoor environments, which are mainly composed of planar surfaces.
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