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000061277 100__ $$0(orcid)0000-0001-8689-6482$$aAguado Jiménez, Sergio
000061277 245__ $$aA stratey for geometric error characterization in multi-axis machine tool by use of a laser tracker
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000061277 5203_ $$aThis paper aims to present different methods of volumetric verification in long range machine toll with lineal and rotary axes using a commercial laser tracker as measurement system. This method allows characterizing machine tool geometric errors depending on the kinematic of the machine and the work space available during the measurement time. The kinematic of the machine toll is affected by their geometric errors, which are different depending on the number and type of movement axes. The relationship between the various geometrical errors is different from relationship obtained in machine tool whit only lineal axes. Therefore, the identification strategy should be different. In the same way, the kinematic chain of the machine tool determines determines the position of the laser tracker and available space for data capture. This paper presents the kinematic model of several machine tools with different kinematic chains use to improve the machine tool accuracy of each one by volumetric verification. Likewise, the paper thus presents a study of: the adequacy of different nonlinear optimization strategies depending on the type of axis and the usable space available.
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