author        = "Lung, Alexandra and Baptista Sánchez, Hugo",
      title         = "{Diagnóstico, planificación y restablecimiento
                       multidisciplinar de la función y estética dental. A
                       propósito de dos casos.}",
      year          = "2017",
      note          = "Dental treatment aim is the resolution of the integral
                       form of oral problems, in terms of health, function and
                       aesthetics, through a good diagnosis, prognosis and
                       treatment planning, which should be considered in a
                       sequentially, logical and orderly form, taking into
                       consideration all the multidisciplinary aspects with the
                       aim of recovering and maintaining oral health.  This review
                       presents the planning of two clinical cases that value
                       alternative treatment options in the function of the needs
                       of each patient, through a correct judgment based on
                       scientific research.",