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000062984 245__ $$aInvestigaciones en el castro etrusco de La Castellina del Marangone, entre Tarquinia y Caere: vestigios de una ocupación romana no valorada
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000062984 5203_ $$aUntil the most recent excavations, few examples of ceramics from the Roman period were found on this site and the surrounding necropoleis. It is quite clear that the excavations opened since 1996 have produced noteworthy results. The vestiges brought to light in the central sector of the summit show evidence of the first destruction of the site, which took place during the late Roman period. Material goods, numerous, are distributed throughout the entire settlement, although with a greater concentration in the western sector. The objective now is to demonstrate this important presence from the last period of the Republic to Late Antiquity by means of the study of 235 selected examples of different categories of ceramic, some imported and others regional or local. These include Iberian, Greco-Italic, sigillata, thin-walled wares, common ceramics and African Red Slip Ware.
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