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000063536 100__ $$aGarcía Campillo, María
000063536 245__ $$aProspective Development of the Tourism on line Distribution Channel
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000063536 5203_ $$aWe know of the development of the online channel in the tourism distribution system, due to the intensive application of ICT. This seems announce like a revolution in the industry, with structural changes in production, and in the behaviour of the involved agents. However, more advances in the literature are needed in order to gain theories to the body of knowledge. With this aim, qualitative research is done through in-depth interviews driven to a selection of experts in the  eld; managers of multi-channel distribution systems as well as of online channel in exclusive. Applying the triangulation of data methodology provides results which reveal certain types of changes, derived from the adoption of ICT, that tourism companies adopters consider as signi cant competitive advantages, with capability to affect companies’ results and increase its power within the distribution channel. This offers great potential for the future development of the online channel and for the companies that use it exclusively.
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