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000063564 245__ $$aTourism Distribution System and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Development: comparing Data of 2008 and 2012
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000063564 5203_ $$aInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the development of the online channel have transformed the competitive environment of the tourism industry within a brief span of time. However, our knowledge about the details of the evolving trend of the distribution system is scarce. Considering the prior literature, this research analyzes the evolution of the sector’s structure, the power of tourism operators, the production processes and products of the tourism sector. The work uses primary information which is taken from surveys to experts in the sector, within a European context. The results of the work, based on a comparison between two samples in 2008 and in 2012, underscore the development of the distribution system and the significant changes happened in opinions regarding the relationship between the use of ICTs and value creation, regarding ICTs and product quality, and regarding how ICTs facilitate the adoption of the best practices in the industry. Multiple and exclusively online channel strategies are the most involved.
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