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000063956 1001_ $$aBecas Azagra, Cristina
000063956 24200 $$aAnalysis of phenolic acids and flavonoids in honey by HPLC
000063956 24500 $$aAnálisis de flavonoides y ácidos fenólicos en mieles de diferentes procedencias - HPLC
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000063956 520__ $$aThe basis of this report is the analysis of different types of honey with HPLC in order to figure out the concentration of flavonoids and phenolic acids. The theory section includes concepts about the flavonoids and phenolic acids, theory about the HPLC machine and background theory for the statistical analysis. The experiment was made on four different honeys and the optimized method was performed only on one honey. Of the four different honeys, three different extractions were made, and of each extraction two test-samples were taken. The data was collected from HPLC analysis. The results were attained with statistical calculations to compare the concentration of phenolic acids and flavonoids in the honeys. These results have proven the coherence between the theory and the practical results.
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