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000064538 245__ $$aA Multimodal Dataset for Object Model Learning from Natural Human-Robot Interaction
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000064538 5203_ $$aLearning object models in the wild from natural human interactions is an essential ability for robots to per- form general tasks. In this paper we present a robocentric multimodal dataset addressing this key challenge. Our dataset focuses on interactions where the user teaches new objects to the robot in various ways. It contains synchronized recordings of visual (3 cameras) and audio data which provide a challenging evaluation framework for different tasks.
Additionally, we present an end-to-end system that learns object models using object patches extracted from the recorded natural interactions. Our proposed pipeline follows these steps: (a) recognizing the interaction type, (b) detecting the object that the interaction is focusing on, and (c) learning the models from the extracted data. Our main contribution lies in the steps towards identifying the target object patches of the images. We demonstrate the advantages of combining language and visual features for the interaction recognition and use multiple views to improve the object modelling.
Our experimental results show that our dataset is challenging due to occlusions and domain change with respect to typical object learning frameworks. The performance of common out- of-the-box classifiers trained on our data is low. We demonstrate that our algorithm outperforms such baselines.
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000064538 773__ $$g(2017), [8 pp.]$$pProc. IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. Intell. Rob. Syst.$$tProceedings of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems$$x2153-0858
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