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000064540 245__ $$aInvestigar y narrar el crimen en Argentina. El periodismo narrativo y la crónica policial de Javier Sinay y Rodolfo Palacios
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000064540 5203_ $$aCrime and felony are ever-present in the media discourse. However, journalism dealing with these issues does not enjoy the same prestige accorded to other genres. Police journalism often faces a conundrum, as questions of ethics, respect for the victims, and deontological standards come into conflict with morbid fascination, sensationalism, and yellow journalism. This paper traces the evolution of certain Argentine approaches to police journalism, from the styles introduced at the beginning of the 20th century by the newspaper Critica to the use of montage and narrative by Rodolfo Walsh and, finally, the interviews and profiles written by young journalists like Rodolfo Palacios or Javier Sinay. By analyzing the work of these last two authors, we establish proper procedures for investigating and narrating crime in a responsible, effective, and attractive manner.
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