Assessing fat mass of adolescent swimmers using anthropometric equations: a DXA validation study
Resumen: Purpose: The aim of the present study was to determine which of the published anthropometric equations is the most appropriate to estimate body-fat percentage (BF%) in adolescent swimmers. Method: Eighty-eight swimmers (45 boys, 43 girls) participated in this study. Following the recommendations of the International Society of the Advancement of Kinanthropometry, biceps, triceps, subscapular, iliac-crest, supraspinale, front-thigh, and medial calf skinfold thicknesses were measured. Waist, hip, midthigh, calf, relaxed arm, and arm flexed and tensed girths were also registered. BF% was measured with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) to obtain the reference value. Existing anthropometric equations were applied, and BF% results obtained from anthropometric equations were compared to DXA BF% results with the modified Bland-Altman. Results: The Flavel, Durnin-Rahaman-Siri, and Durnin-Rahaman-Brozek were the only equations that did not demonstrate statistically significant differences when compared with DXA. Conclusion: The present study showed that the best anthropometric equation from existing literature to estimate BF% in swimmers is that proposed by Durnin-Rahaman (independently of applying the Siri or Brozek equation).
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.1080/02701367.2017.1284976
Año: 2017
Publicado en: RESEARCH QUARTERLY FOR EXERCISE AND SPORT 88, 2 (2017), 230-236
ISSN: 0270-1367

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