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000069719 245__ $$aOn the Flexibility of Coal-fired Power Plants with Integrated Ca-looping CO2 Capture Process
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000069719 5203_ $$aThe share of renewable energy production is growing quickly. The output and variability of renewable power will force to fossil fuel power plants to adapt its electricity production to variable demand. In a future scenario, with CO2 capture systems installed in power plants, the variable performance will affect not only to fossil fuel power plant but also to the CO2 capture behavior. The knowledge of part load performance of fossil fuel power plants with CO2 capture systems will be essential in a near future. This paper analyzes the integration between Ca-looping cycles and power plants to foresee the requirements derived from a flexible operation. With this goal, the performance of the integrated system under different load scenarios is studied. An integration scheme designed for nominal load is proposed under different load scenarios at steady state, to study their performance. Then, for each load scenario, the optimum integration is designed, to quantify the minimum energy penalty of each specific load level. Finally, a comparative analysis of the general integration against the optimum one for each scenario is performed.
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