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000069729 245__ $$aStudy of the flexibility of a learning analytics tool to evaluate teamwork competence acquisition in different contexts
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000069729 5203_ $$aLearning analytics tools and methodologies aim to facilitate teachers and/or decision makers with information and knowledge about what is happening in virtual learning environments in a straightforward and effortless way. However, it is necessary to apply these tools and methodologies in different contexts with a similar success, that is, that they should be flexible and portable enough. There exist several learning analytics tools that only works properly with very specific versions of learning platforms. In this paper, the authors aim to evaluate the flexibility and portability of a methodology and a learning analytics tool that supports individual assessment of teamwork competence. In order to do so the methodology and the tool are applied in a similar course from two different academic contexts. After the experiment, it is possible to see that the learning analytics tool seems to work properly and the suggested new functionalities are similar in both contexts. The methodology can be also applied but results could be improved if some meetings are carried out to check how team works are progressing with their tasks.
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