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000070188 5203_ $$aThis article analyzes the intemational dimension of the Spanish transition to democracy. Were the European powers - France, the Federal Republic of Germany and Great Britain - simple witnesses to the events in Spain or did they actively participate, and, ifso, how? From consultation ofarchives  om the various countries, it is now known that the gove ents and political parties of these countries were more closely involved than was previously thought. The Portuguese revolution in April 1974 raised the alann and the Western chancelleries tried to prevent the same thing happening in Spain. They opted for the monarchical solution and  r a "controlled" process to democracy, using the much-desired entyr into the European Community to exert pressure. The need to feel
"European" and "standardized" sur ced, especially in progressive circles, although not only there. Outside Europe there were more di culties to do business a d the most ad­ vanced sectors ofthe Spanish business world started to become aware ofth1s.
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