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000070518 1001_ $$aVicente Sanz, Álvaro
000070518 24200 $$aPilot Study of Translation and Validation of the Distracted Driving Survey (DDS) in Young Drivers of Aragon and Valencia
000070518 24500 $$aEstudio Piloto de Traducción y Validación de la Encuesta de Conducción Distraída (DDS) en Conductores Jóvenes de Aragón y Valencia
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000070518 520__ $$aThis study translates and validates the Distracted Driving Survey (DDS, Bergmark et al., 2016) with a sample of Spanish drivers between 18 and 34 years old. The reduction of traffic accidents achieved in Spain is now being endangered by the use of new applications of instant communication while driving, which have a higher prevalence among the younger population. The available data indicate a closer relationship between accidents and texting, compared to reading messages. Reading and writing text, therefore, are considered two differentiable sub-domains backing text message use. The internal consistency of the scale yields similar results to those obtained with young people in North America. 70.8% and 58.7% of participants indicate, respectively, having read text messages or texting during the last month while driving. Women read and write less text messages than men while driving, and they also perceive a greater risk in doing it. The "Perception of Safety" stands out as the key variable that predicts texting and it is also related to the reported accidents.
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