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000070888 245__ $$aTaking Stock to Look Ahead: Celebrating Forty Years of English Studies in Spain
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000070888 520__ $$aThis volume brings together a diverse but well-balanced selection of the plenary lectures, scholarly papers and round tables presented at the AEDEAN Conference at Huesca. The contents of this e-book are divided into four sections. The volume opens with two thought-provoking essays by writers Anne Karpf (London Metropolitan University) and Tabish Khair (Aahrus University). The next two sections constitute the main body of the volume and comprise over thirty essays on the two wider areas of scholarship within English and North-American studies: literature and cultural studies (Part I) and language and linguistics (Part II). Finally, the last section of this volume includes some of the latest findings of three research projects in the form of round tables, dealing with cutting-edge research topics such as Neo-Victorian studies, musical narratives of the American West and European renditions of the American West. In short, the contributions included in this volume succeed not only in putting forward provocative and innovative research, but also in sampling the wealth and breadth of scholarly interests and approaches that the annual AEDEAN Conference unfailingly gathers.
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