Fractal-structured multifocal intraocular lens
Resumen: In this work, we present a new concept of IOL design inspired by the demonstrated properties of reduced chromatic aberration and extended depth of focus of Fractal zone plates. A detailed description of a proof of concept IOL is provided. The result was numerically characterized, and fabricated by lathe turning. The prototype was tested in vitro using dedicated optical system and software. The theoretical Point Spread Function along the optical axis, computed for several wavelengths, showed that for each wavelength, the IOL produces two main foci surrounded by numerous secondary foci that partially overlap each other for different wavelengths. The result is that both, the near focus and the far focus, have an extended depth of focus under polychromatic illumination. This theoretical prediction was confirmed experimentally by means of the Through-Focus Modulation Transfer Function, measured for different wavelengths.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0200197
Año: 2018
Publicado en: PloS one 13 (2018), 0200197 [11 pp]
ISSN: 1932-6203

Factor impacto JCR: 2.776 (2018)
Categ. JCR: MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES rank: 23 / 69 = 0.333 (2018) - Q2 - T2
Factor impacto SCIMAGO: 1.1 - Agricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous) (Q1) - Medicine (miscellaneous) (Q1) - Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous) (Q1)

Financiación: info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/ES/MINECO/DPI2015-71256-R
Tipo y forma: Article (Published version)
Área (Departamento): Área Óptica (Dpto. Física Aplicada)

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