author        = "Arnas Andreu, Isabel and Gómez Bahillo, Carlos",
      title         = "{Impacto socioeconómico de las actividades culturales del
                       Bajo Aragón Histórico. El caso de la Ruta del Tambor y
                       Bombo 2012}",
      year          = "2012",
      note          = "There is a study of socio-economic impact of the Ruta del
                       Tambor y Bombo during the Holy Week 2012 and cultural
                       events related: Jornadas Nacionales de Exaltación del
                       Tambor y Bombo, Jornadas de Convivencia de la Ruta del
                       Tambor y Bombo and Tamborixar.   The Holy Week celebrations
                       of the Bajo Aragón are a multidimensional phenomenon of
                       public politics in accordance with the protection of
                       Intangible Cultural Heritage, the support for tradition and
                       tourism promotion that gives the institutions, as well as
                       the sociological effect that has on its inhabitants by
                       creating and enhancing identity, social cohesion,
                       participation, religious values and the economic impact
                       generated in production and employment.   This has been
                       made by an extensive field work that integrates qualitative
                       and quantitative information with 970 surveys to residents,
                       11 interviews with economic, political and social agents
                       and information from different institutions. Keywords:
                       socio-economic impact, cultural events, public politics,
                       Ruta del Tambor y Bombo",