author        = "Escudero Cuartero, Miguel and Aibar Solana, Alberto",
      title         = "{Influencia del desplazamiento activo en los niveles y
                       patrones de actividad física en niños de Huesca}",
      year          = "2018",
      note          = "Background: Physical inactivity and obesity represent a
                       greater health problem, which get worse when children and
                       youth do not reach the daily recommended levels of physical
                       activity. Active transport seems to be a moment which can
                       help solve this problem. Methods: Data of 45 children from
                       the city of Huesca were analyzed. The participants
                       completed a questionnaire where questions about
                       sociodemographic data, physical activity behaviors and mode
                       of transport to school were asked. Furthermore,
                       accelerometers were used in order to measure physical
                       activity for 7 days. Results: The time spent on active
                       transport can involve up to half of daily recommended
                       physical activity. Moreover, mode of transport and distance
                       to school seem significantly influence levels of physical
                       activity when children have to commute to and from school.
                       Conclusions: Active transport, which should be promoted,
                       contributes to physical activity daily recommendations.",