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000009554 520__ $$aCrowdsourcing has taken root in the business world, but applications in the fields of science and pop culture pre-date this boom. By now it’s clear that the catalyst for this Cambrian explosion of collaborative projects has been the Internet. Crowdsourcing efforts come in many different forms, but the same characteristics appear over and over in the most successful examples. Crowdsourcing has had a profound impact wherever an organization’s needs intersect the crowd’s desires to accomplish something. Entire sections of industries have been decimated by crowdsourcing. Government organizations are not completely immune to the effect. A public good such as defense is safe from obsolescence, but there is strong evidence to indicate that there’s nothing preventing defense from reaping rewards from crowdsourcing. Cost savings, innovation, manning issues, and even success on the battlefield might all benefit from applying the lessons learned from crowdsourcing. Other industries have carved a roadmap for defense to follow. It needs to start experimenting with these methods now before rivals learn to perfect crowdsourcing’s varied and proven techniques.
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