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000095689 245__ $$aRole of Dietary Intake and Serum 25(OH)D on the Effects of a Multicomponent Exercise Program on Bone Mass and Structure of Frail and Pre-Frail Older Adults
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000095689 5203_ $$aThe multicomponent training (MCT) effect on bone health in frail and pre-frail elders, which is influenced by dietary intake, is still unknown. The objective of this non-randomized intervention trial was to assess the effects of a 6-month MCT on bone structure in frail and pre-frail elders, and to analyse the influence of dietary intake and serum vitamin D (25(OH)D) in these changes. Thirty MCT (TRAIN) and sixteen controls (CON), frail and pre-frail completed the information required for this study. Peripheral quantitative computed tomography measurements were taken at 4% and 38% of the tibia length and dietary intake was registered. The 25(OH)D values were obtained from blood samples. Analyses of covariance (ANCOVA) for repeated measures showed significant decreases for CON in total bone mineral content at 38% of tibia length. One factor ANOVAs showed smaller decreases in bone mineral density and cortical thickness percentage of change in TRAIN compared to CON. Linear regression analyses were performed to study the influence of nutrients and 25(OH)D on bone changes. Alcohol showed a negative influence on fracture index changes, while polyunsaturated fatty acid and vitamin A showed a positive association with some bone variables. The 25(OH)D only affected positively the cortical bone mineral density. In conclusion, our MCT seems to slow down some of the bone detriments associated with ageing in frail and pre-frail older adults, with alcohol showing a negative effect on the bone and apparent limited effect of nutrients and serum 25(OH)D on training related changes.
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