author        = "Jarauta Magaña, Iván and Murillo Ornat, Silvia",
      title         = "{Traducción del manual de operaciones 737-300/-400/-500
                       de la compañía Boeing}",
      year          = "2012",
      note          = "This document corresponds to the final project of the
                       Masters Degree in Translation of Specialized Texts. It
                       consists in the translation of several fragments of a
                       highly specialized text which belongs to the genre of
                       technical texts: an operations manual of an aeronautic
                       company. Furthermore, it tries to show in detail the
                       process the translator goes through since he gets the
                       original text until he/she sends the assignment to the
                       client: text analysis, problems and their solutions,
                       consultation of documental sources and with experts… This
                       degree has a clear professional nature, and that is why the
                       text is complicated enough to pose a challenge after the
                       acquisition of the corresponding knowledge and skills in
                       the modules. Further, it is a possible translation
                       assignment, because the translator’s hand can help to
                       reduce the risks of misinterpretation errors in a field
                       (aeronautics) where precission is one of the most important