El terrorismo de extrema izquierda visto por la prensa conservadora: El caso de ABC y los GRAPO en la Transición (1975-1981).

Rodríguez Pérez, Naiare
Zugasti Azagra, Ricardo (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, FFYL, 2020

Graduado en Periodismo

Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Grado
Notas: Violence and terror were very present in the stage of the Spanish transition to democracy and, although there were various terrorist groups at this time, only the attacks committed by ETA have deserved profuse attention. Therefore, the objective of this work is to analyze the jornalistic coverage of the opinion of the conservative newspaper ABC regarding six actions perpetrated between 1975 and 1981 by the Anti-Fascist Resistance Groups First of October (GRAPO), a far-left terrorist group related to the Communist Party of Spain Reconstituted (PCE-r) and it embraced a Maoist approach to Marxism-Leninism. Through a qualitative analysis of the editorials and opinion articles of ABC, it is concluded that the newspaper, which insisted on seeking public order in the face of violence and on not expanding the amnesty for blood crimes, contemplated the terrorism of the GRAPO and he took advantage of it is existence to politically attack Carrillo’s PCE moments before it is legalization tried to avoid it.

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