Economic valuation of environmental services of the ecological reserve Mache Chindul, Ecuador climate regulation
Resumen: Environmental services are all those benefits that a population obtains from ecosystems. Ecological book, as part of terrestrial ecosystems, offer important environmental services, including the protection of draining basins, biodiversity conservation, and carbon retention in the soil. Other functions are to collect water for the aquiferous systems, which affects its own quality, by filtering, absorbing and retaining some polluting agents, which are prevented from going to the reservoirs. They also contribute to regulating temperature and moisture, which improves air quality, all of which are factors related to quality of life. In this research the importance of the identification and economic valuation of the environmental services of an ecological reserve is highlighted as an instrument for conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems. Throughout this study, the impact of the Mache-Chindul ecological reserve is analyzed in relation to climate regulation, based on the current scenario of climate change. To conduct an economical valuation is only possible if there is an adequate understanding of the role that natural resources and biological biodiversity play from a socio-economical perspective.
Idioma: Inglés
Año: 2016
Publicado en: Weber economics and finance 2, 1 (2016), 506-511
ISSN: 2449-1662

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