Mixed Matrix Membranes (MOFs based) for separation applications

Kudasheva, Alina
Coronas Ceresuela, Joaquín (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, CIEN, 2013
Ingeniería Química y Tecnologías del Medio Ambiente department, Ingeniería Química area

Master Erasmus Mundus en Ingeniería de Membranas

Abstract: This work explores the use of molecular sieves such as Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and ordered mesoporous silica spheres in the fabrication of Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMs). Since application of MMMs in liquid separation is not well discovered yet, the prepared MMMs were applied in dehydration of alcohol via pervaporation. In particular, the mixture of interest was water/ethanol solution due to its azeotropic composition and therefore difficulties in separation. Ordered mesoporous silica spheres of different sizes and various types of MOFs were introduced into a polymer matrix at different loadings in order to study the effect of the fillers on membrane performance.

Free keyword(s): pervaporation ; mixed matrix membrane ; metal - organic frameworks
Tipo de Trabajo Académico: Trabajo Fin de Master

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