Filmic representations of the british Raj in the 1980s: Cultural identity, otherness and hybridity

Oliete Aldea, Elena
Cornut-Gentille D'Arcy, Chantal (dir.)

Universidad de Zaragoza, 2009

ISBN: 978-84-692-3176-0

Abstract: This thesis is devoted to the analysis of the Raj films produced in Britain during the 1980s, namely: Heat and Dust (Ivory, 1982), Gandhi (Attenborough, 1982) and A Passage and to India (Lean, 1984), and the TV series The Jewel in the Crown (1982) and The Far Pavilions (1984). As a genre, this kind of film has often been accused of promoting an old-fashioned notion of British identity, based on those Victorian values of the past. On the other hand, I believe that a close analysis of the films may reveal a certain degree of criticism of the past as well as traces of dissatisfaction with the present, especially in terms of ethnic and gender relationships. Hence, what I try to demonstrate, or rather explore, is the presence of different discourses in these productions, their complexity and ambivalence and their cultural importance in both reflecting and constructing – or refracting – the social reality of their historical context.

Pal. clave: Film studies ; cultural studies ; post-colonial studies ; Britain ; India ; Imperialism ; history ; race ; gender ; miscegenation ; cultural identity ; hybridity. ; Estudios cinematográficos ; estudios culturales ; estudios post-coloniales ; Gran Bretaña ; India ; imperialismo ; historia ; raza ; género ; mestizaje ; identidad cultural ; hibridez.

Knowledge area: Filología inglesa

Department: Filología Inglesa y Alemana

Nota: Presentado: 07 04 2009
Nota: Tesis-Univ. Zaragoza


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