Registration of anatomical images using geodesic paths of diffeomorphisms parameterized with stationary vector fields

Hernández, Mónica ; Bossa, Matias N. ; Olmos Gassó, Salvador

14 October 2007

Abstract: Computational Anatomy aims for the study of the statistical variability in anatomical structures. Variability is encoded by the transformations existing among populations of anatomical images. These transformations are usually computed from diffeomorphic registration based on the large deformation paradigm. In this framework diffeomorphisms are usually computed as end points of paths on the Riemannian manifold of diffeomorphisms parameterized by non-stationary vector fields. Recently, an alternative parameterization based on stationary vector fields has been developed. In this article we propose to use this stationary parameterization for diffeomorphic registration. We formulate the variational problem related to this registration scenario and derive the associated Euler-Lagrange equations. We evaluate the performance of the non-stationary vs the stationary parameterizations in real and synthetic 3D-MRI datasets. Compared to the non-stationary parameterization, our proposal provides similar accuracy in terms of image matching and deformation smoothness while drastically reducing memory and time requirements.

Keyword(s): diffeomorphic registration ; stationary parameterization
Note: Best MMBIA 2007 paper award

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