Cell face velocity alternatives in structured colocated grid for the unsteady Navier-Stokes equations

Pascau Benito, Antonio

20 October 2008

Abstract: The use of a colocated variable arrangement for the numerical solution of fluid flow is becoming more and more popular due to its coding simplicity. The inherent decoupling of the pressure and velocity fields in this arrangement can be handled via a special interpolation procedure for the calculation of the cell face velocity named PWIM (Pressure Weighted Interpolation Method). In this paper a discussion on the alternatives to extend PWIM to unsteady °ows is presented along with a very simple criterium to ascertain if a given interpolation practice will produce steady results that are relaxation dependent or time step dependent. Following this criterium it will be shown that some prior schemes presented as time step independent are actually not, although by using special interpolations can be readily adapted to be. A systematic way of deriving di®erent cell face velocity expressions will be presented and new formulae free of ¢t dependence will be derived. Several computational exercices will accompany the theoretical discussion to support our claims.

Keyword(s): Colocated grid ; Unsteady Navier Stokes

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