About Research in the Arts: a lover’s discourse
Resumen: This paper is the result of an exercise of experimental re-writing and analogical thinking which had as an aim to open a new perspective on research in the arts. In terms of method, the different figures of love in Barthes' A Lover's Discourse are forced to talk about the relationship of researcher and object of study. This analogy allows us to find quality parameters based on a scale of values different to the hegemonic ones in the academy (productivity, competitiveness, innovation). These new parameters might constitute a solid ontological basis to build a new politics of artistic research in the academy that allow a radical reconsideration of processes of artistic research.
Idioma: Inglés
DOI: 10.1590/2237-266052368
Año: 2015
Publicado en: Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença 5, 3 (2015), 533-558
ISSN: 2237-2660

Tipo y forma: Article (Published version)
Área (Departamento): Estética y Teoría de las Artes (Departamento de Filosofía)

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