Estudio comparativo de la calidad de la canal y la carne de lechales de raza Churra Tensina y dos tipos ovinos comerciales amparados bajo marcas de calidad
Resumen: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the rearing and slaughtering season (spring vs. autumn) on the carcass and meat quality of suckling lambs from Churra Tensina breed (n= 26), and to compared the results with two commercial lambs within Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Lechazo de Castilla-León (n= 13) and Ternasco de Aragón (n= 13). All animals were reared, selected and slaughtered under commercial conditions. After slaughter, carcass and meat quality were evaluated in the Longissimus thoracis lumborum (LTL) muscle. Slaughter season mainly affected both the tissue composition of the carcass, presenting Churra Tensina breed suckling lambs from spring greater muscle and bone, and lower fat percentages (p=0.001) and a higher proportion of fatty acids: C 12:0, CLA, C 20:2 n-3 and C 22:0 (p=0.001) in IMF. However, those differences in quality were not reflected when sensory methodologies (trained panel or consumers analyses) were conducted. Related to commercial lambs from the GPI’s studied, meat from Churra Tensina breed showed a higher tenderness (p=0.001) evaluated by instrumental and sensory (trained panel), as well as a higher scores in overall, flavour or tenderness acceptabilities evaluated by consumers (p=0.001). Results would indicate a good potential of the Churra Tensina breed to produce high quality suckling lambs, in both seasons of the year.
Idioma: Español
Año: 2015
Publicado en: Archivos de Zootecnia 64, 247 (2015), 211-220
ISSN: 0004-0592

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