author        = "González Romero, Taida and Barrasa Notario, Ángel",
      title         = "{Trastorno Obsesivo Compulsivo: una intervención breve
                       para mejorar los conocimientos de los docentes sobre el
      year          = "2016",
      note          = "Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder
                       characterized by the pres-ence of obsessions and
                       compulsions. The aim of this study was to analyse what was
                       the knowledge of the teachers on the OCD, and asses if
                       after reading a simple information sheet about the
                       disorder, there was a learning about the disorder. For
                       this, they were given and read an information sheet about
                       the disorder or about healthy diet, depends if they
                       belonged to an experimental group or control group. In
                       addition, they were requested to respond to a questionnaire
                       before reading, after reading and within fifteen days
                       thereafter. The survey also involved 40 teachers, ran-domly
                       distributed into two groups. The results obtained indicate
                       that there are some differences between both groups after
                       reading the information sheet, however, only a few
                       variables and in individual cases there are differences
                       between them. On this basis, it cannot be concluded that
                       there is difference between before and after receiving the
                       information about the disorder.",