Didactic proposal of analysis of audiovisual images applied to documentary
Resumen: As understanding the, photographic image needs of a comprehensive registration system allowing us to consider the analysis parameters systematically, so too happens with the audiovisual image (e.g. documentary, feature film, and so on). This article presents a proposal for the analysis of audiovisual works based on the isolation of key frames and their subsequent analysis in succession through the use of the parameters of static image analysis. Photography often entails the concretion of a succession of images that remain in the act, that is, the synthesis of a succession of images. Choosing the key frame containing the analysis parameters allows us to conjugate a system for still image analysis for audiovisual images. This article presents both such analysis parameters and a proposal for their practical application to the two initial sequences of the documentary “Statues Also Die” (Chris Marker, Alan Resnais y Ghislain Gloquet, 1953), which defends a critical approach to ethnocentrism applied to the black-African artistic manifestations.
Idioma: Inglés
Año: 2016
Publicado en: Vivat academia 19, 136 (2016), 95-109
ISSN: 1575-2844

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